Promoting Environmental Stewardship Through

Low Impact Development

The Lower RIo Grande Valley (LRGV) Low Impact Development (LID) Program led by the RATES/RGV, Inc. (Research, Applied Technology, Education and Service, Inc. – Rio Grande Valley, Inc.)

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is a regional effort dedicated to institutionalize Green Infrastructure (GI) and LID concepts and technology in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Urban non-point source (NPS) pollution is a problem that is growing along with population in the LRGV. With the ongoing concern of NPS pollution stemming from rural areas resulting from localized flooding issues, from high costs of drainage infrastructure, and from failing on-site sewage facilities has compelled local governments to look at innovative strategies to address these concerns and expand the LID program into their stormwater management programs. Local governments now realize that targeting frequent rain event types (short duration, high-intensity events), and mitigating localized flooding from these events, is a significant step in resolving the overall problem.

A variety of direct economic benefits are derived from LID strategies, from the protection of property from flooding, to ecotourism. Urban development and rural development is growing rapidly along with the potential for flooding hazards. Addressing localized flooding in rural areas using LID technologies has never been implemented in the LRGV and is an area in need of study and research. Using GI and LID BMPs as demonstration projects, and successfully showing that LID strategies will provide property protection, flood mitigation, and NPS pollution control in the rural setting and in the rural coastal setting, indirect and direct economic impact will occur.


About the LID Program

Joining forces with the LRGV Stormwater Task Force, this program aims to demonstrate effectiveness, efficiency and economic feasibility of LID best management practices (BMP) in the region, along with an extensive educational campaign that targets local governments, related professional and the community in general.

What Is LID?

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