Christopher B. Fuller


Professional Preparation Doctor of Philosophy, Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University at College Station, 2011 Master of Science, Environmental Engineering, Texas A&M University at Kingsville, 1996 Bachelor of Science, Biology, Texas A&M University at College Station, 1989

Appointments 2019-Current Chief of Research, Research, Applied Technology, Education, Services, Inc. 2018-2019 Senior Project Manager, KAS Environmental Science and Engineering 2017-2018 Senior Oceanographer, Fugro USA Marine, Inc., Houston, TX. 2012-2017 Assistant Research Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Clarkson

University 2009-2019 Research Engineer, Research Applied Technology Education and Service 2009-2012 Research Engineer, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Clarkson University 2007-2008 Project Manager, Fugro-GEOS, Houston, TX 2003-2007 Research Associate, Civil Engineering, Texas A&M University 1998-2007 Operation Manager, Coastal Oil Spill Simulation System 1997-1998 Compliance Engineer, Coastal Oil Spill Simulation System 1994-1996 Research Assistant, Texas A&M University at Kingsville 1992-1994 Laboratory Technician, Jordan Laboratories, Corpus Christi, TX 1990-1992 Laboratory Technician, Texas A&M College of Medicine

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applicability of using acoustic backscatter data for surrogate suspended solids concentration measurements, ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA, Februar 13-13, 2011.

Collaborators (13) Autenrieth, R.L. (TAMU); Billuri, M. (Clarkson); Bonner, J.S. (Research Applied Technology Education Services); Cappelli, S. (Clarkson); Ernest, A. (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley); Islam, M.S. (USGS); Kirkey, W. (Clarkson); McDonald, T.J. (TAMU); McDonald, S. (TAMU); Nelson, R. (Clarkson); Ojo, T. (Unknown); Page, C.A. (TAMU); Taylor, E. (Clarkson)

Graduate Advisors: Doctoral Students Supervised (1)

Billuri, M. (Clarkson University)

Masters Students Supervised (1)

Elysia Taylor (Clarkson University)